Over the past few years, Media and Entertainment industry has undergone a rapid evolution, driven by 4K and above ultra-high-resolution videos. Therefore it requires a high performance and reliable storage solution to process demanding media workflows as well as back up and archive the massive file volumes.

Infortrend provides comprehensive M&E storage solutions to meet the requirements of different network environments and workloads, including the shared media storage that simplifies network settings for collaborative editing, and high-speed SAN storage systems that are integrated with Apple Xsan and StorNext file system to share block-level storage across multiple workstations.


Shared Media Storage
SAN Storage with 3rd-party File System
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Shared Media Storage Solutions that Simplifies Collaborative Editing

Infortrend offers comprehensive shared media storage solutions for today’s M&E industry dealing with 4K and above ultra-high definition media footages:

  • EonStor CS scale-out shared storage system - for large-scale workgroups and post-production studios with more than 10 workstations and a growing business
  • EonStor GS and GSe - for small workgroups and post-production studios within 10 workstations

These enterprise-level storage systems support EonOne - Infortrend’s graphical management software. They also support EonView utility for Windows and macOS workstations that helps a video editing team to connect the workstations with storage systems and mount shared network storage as a local drive.

For collaborative post-production workflow, the industry leading media editing software are supported: Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci Resolve. With pre-installed DaVinci Resolve project server, editors can easily perform collaborative media editing simultaneously.

Media Editing Software

Whether you’re a large-scale media production company, small studio or SOHO, Infortrend can provide you a perfect shared media storage solution for your media workloads.

For Large-scale and Business-growing Workgroups

As businesses grow, storage capacity and bandwidth might not be able to keep up with extending requirements. CS, however, allows users to add more nodes into the cluster to increase capacity and performance without interrupting the system operation. By providing up to 100+ GB/s read/write throughput and 100+ PB capacity, CS can easily meet the requirements of your massive media workloads.

Comprehensive Shared Media Storage Solutions - For Large-scale and Business-growing Workgroups

For Small Workgroups

EonStor GS and GSe are ideal NAS solutions for media collaborations on high-quality videos allowing easy deployment of multimedia playback and streaming applications. They are perfectly compatible with such network architectures as CIFS/SMB, NFS, and AFP.

GSe is a single controller shared storage solution with high capacity nearline drives or all-flash configurations. And GS is a dual-controller shared storage designed for high availability solution with active-standby configuration that eliminates system downtime for mission-critical projects.

Infortrend delivers a three-tier solution for the GS/GSe family, namely 2000T, 3000 Gen2 and 4000 Gen2. 2000T is the most cost-effective solution supporting 13 streams of 4K videos. With the best price/performance ratio, 3000 Gen2 supports 18 streams of 4K videos; while 4000 Gen2 is the ultra high-performance solution that supports 26 streams.

Comprehensive Shared Media Storage Solutions - For Small Workgroups

EonOne – An Intuitive Storage Management Software

EonOne is a storage management tool that complements well with EonStor GS, GSe, and CS. Infortrend offers two accounts for different management purposes. One account is for M&E User Administrator, who is in charge of users’ accounts and storage quota management. The other account is for System Administrator who can do advanced storage configurations, data services settings, and maintenance. EonOne also offers a setup wizard to help a user administrator easily set up storage and network. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to manage user access credentials and shared folders.

EonView – A Smart Client Utility Software for Easy File Sharing

EonView is a client-based utility for Windows and macOS workstations. Once connected to the storage system, the clients installed with EonView can automatically detect the IP address of storage, then they will identify the user credentials, and the assigned shared folders for each editor will be automatically mounted. This step simplifies the complexities of storage system deployment and network settings, and, therefore, allows users to focus more on video editing and creation.

EonView - Storage Finder and IP Configuration
Storage Finder and IP Configuration
Automatically scans and connect to the shared storage
EonView - Identical Shared Folder Mounting
Identical Shared Folder Mounting
Mounts all the available shared folders and ensure all workstations use identical mount points to access the video files
EonView - Event Notification
Event Notification
Sends notifications to workstations if any critical event occurs
EonView - Auto Execution & Fast Access
Auto Execution & Fast Access
Automatically launches after the workstation reboots and mounts the frequently-used shared folder
EonView - User Profile Migration
User Profile Migration
Users can access the shared folders on different workstations with the login credentials

DaVinci Resolve Project Server

Generally, to achieve collaborative editing via DaVinci Resolve, it requires a dedicated workstation to work as project server, which connects to other workstations in peer-to-peer network topology to enable project collaboration. However, when a single point of failure or server shutdown occurs, the project will be interrupted. To overcome the problem, Infortrend integrates DaVinci Resolve Project Server into the shared media storage and provides RAID protection and dual controller redundancy (GS) for high availability. Users can edit videos collaboratively when the workstations are connected to the storage, increasing project production efficiency.


GS/GSe offers hybrid and all flash configurations to fulfill different application requirements. The maximum CIFS performance can reach 6,600/3,100 MB/s by deploying the GS/GSe 4000 Gen2 with 32 units of SDDs. For details, refer to the table below.

Models Number of Drives (RAID 6) CIFS Read (MB/s) CIFS Write (MB/s)
GS/GSe 2000T 16 HDDs 1,600 1,300
16 SSDs 2,800 1,400
GS/GSe 3000 Gen2 32 HDDs 3,750 2,300
16 SSDs 4,100 2,300
GS/GSe 4000 Gen2 48 HDDs 5,000 3,000
32 SSDs 6,600 3,100

Max. Number of Playback Streams

The shared media storage supports up to 26 concurrent 4K video steams playback by using GS/GSe 4000 Gen2 with 48 units of HDDs.


Material Supported Stream Counts
Codec FPS GS/GSe 2000T
GS/GSe 3000 Gen2
GS/GSe 4000 Gen2
HD ProRes 422 1920 x 1080 30 58 87 120
4K 4096 x 2160 ProRes 4444 (without Alpha) 24 13 18 26
4K ProRes 422HQ 4096 x 3112 30 9 18 24
4K UHD 3840 x 2160 ProRes 4444XQ 30 6 14 16
2K 10 bit uncompressed 30 3 13 15
4K 12 bit uncompressed 30 2 6 7


Material GS/GSe Stream Count
Codec FPS 3000 Gen2
4000 Gen2
HD ProRes 422 1920 x 1080 30 135 145
4K 4096 x 2160 ProRes 4444 (without Alpha) 24 25 27
4K ProRes 422HQ 4096 x 3112 30 23 25
4K UHD 3840 x 2160 ProRes 4444XQ 30 17 18
2K 10 bit uncompressed 30 19 21
4K 12 bit uncompressed 30 6 8
Note: The performance will slightly vary depending on your specific environment.

Host Channel Options

The shared media storage supports various host channel options to meet your system requirements. For details, refer to the table below.

Models Onboard Host Ports
(per controller)
Host Board Options
GS/GSe 2000T 4 x 1GbE ports (RJ-45) 2 x 10GbE ports (RJ-45)
2 x 10GbE ports (SFP+)
4 x 10GbE ports (SFP+)
2 x 25GbE ports (SFP28)
GS/GSe 3000 Gen2 4 x 10GbE ports (SFP+)
GS/GSe 4000 Gen2


The shared media storage offers three-tier solutions with different level of performance. Check the major specifications to choose the fit solutions.

Models Memory
(Default / Max.)*1
Raw Capacity Drive Bays Available Host Board Slots Expansion Enclosures
GS/GSe 2000T DDR4 8GB/64GB 160TB 16 2 JB 3016 (3U)/ JB 3060 (4U)
GS/GSe 3000 Gen2 DDR4 8GB/128GB 320TB 32 (Box|3U16 + Exp|3U16) 2
GS/GSe 4000 Gen2 DDR4 8GB/128GB 480TB 48 (Box|3U16 + 2 x Exp|3U16) 2*2
*1 For optimal system performance, we recommend that you configure at least 64GB RAM per system.
*2 For optimal system performance, we recommend that you use one SAS 12Gb/s host board as an additional hard drive expansion interface when configuring the GSe 4000 Gen2 with more than 32 hard drives.
*3 All GS Redundant models are configured as active-standby.


Superior SAN Performance with Apple Xsan/StorNext

Apple Xsan/StorNext is a SAN (storage area network) or a clustered file system made for macOS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. This file system allows multiple clients to share block storages via a high-speed Fibre channel or iSCSI network. With Xsan/StorNext file system, the workstations can read and write to the same storage simultaneously and enterprises can fully utilize the shared disk file system, which includes support for large file transfers, multiple mounted file systems, and multiple operating systems.

EonStor DS and GS families provide SAN storages that support Xsan/StorNext, fine-tuned with Infortrend s high-quality system configuration and on-site experience support. With dual controller active/active hardware design, you can configure Xsan/StorNext to get a more stable and balanced performance for a reachable and exceptional throughput of high-resolution videos based on various benchmark tools such as AJA, FrameTest, Blackmagic, and others. EonStor DS and GS families are enterprise storages that fully support multi-client media/entertainment-related tasks with Apple Xsan/StorNext environment.

EonStor DS/GS Superior SAN Performance with StorNext/Apple Xsan
FrameTest Result for Apple Xsan/StorNext

The SAN storage can support up to 3,500/2,450 MB/s Read/Writer speed with the configuration of 120 NL-SAS HDDs. For details, refer to the table below.

Configuration Client Read Write
GS 3060
(60 NL-SAS HDDs)
Client 1   855
Client 2   881
Client 3 898  
Client 4 883  
Client 5 818  
Total 2,599 1,736
GS 3060+JB 3060
(120 NL-SAS HDDs)
Client 1   1,229
Client 2   1,222
Client 3 1,081  
Client 4 1,341  
Client 5 1,083  
Total 3,504 2,451
Note: 2K DPX Resolution

Lightning SAN Speed for Enterprise Media Workstation

Clients of multimedia businesses such as studios and video workshops demand audio and/or video of great quality. This type of industry must have a dependable storage system that allows editing, recording, or playback video/audio in high definition. EonStor DS 4000 SAN storage is one of Infortrend's enterprise class RAID system that is a perfect solution for such trade. With its AV Optimization feature, EonStor DS 4000 SAN Storage preloads and computes the required files when streaming data and offers a performance of up to 11,000MB/s, which is equivalent to a stable playback of 6 videos* in simultaneous streams under the 4K uncompressed format. EonStor DS 4000 SAN storage guarantees a smoother control experience, whether editing files or doing playback. When integrated with a high-density 4U 60-bay expansion enclosure, which supports up to 4PB capacity, the assembly is more than enough to save and stream all your video and audio files.

Note: 4096x3112 @ 24 fps, RGB 3x 10-bit tested by AJA benchmark tool
Lightning SAN Speed for Enterprise Media Workstation


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